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  • i9 12900k Intel Core i9-12900K (3.2 GHz / 5.2 GHz) 16-Core Processor (8 Performance-Cores + 8 Efficient-Cores) Intel
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i9 12900k Intel Core i9-12900K (3.2 GHz / 5.2 GHz) 16-Core Processor (8 Performance-Cores + 8 Efficient-Cores)

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i9 12900k

New hybrid architecture for optimal performance

With the Alder Lake processorsIntel has launched a small revolution in the world of x86 architecture by adopting a hybrid technology based on two different types of cores assembled within the same chipPerformance-Cores and Efficient-Cores. With more cores and more power, 12th generation Intel processors are ready for next-generation gaming, PCI-Express 5.0 graphics cards and DDR5 RAM.

INTEL CORE I9 12900K 16-CORE (8P+8E)

  • 16-Core / 24-Thread Processor
  • 8 Performance-Cores (3.2 GHz - 5.2 GHz) + 8 Efficient-Cores (2.4 GHz - 3.9 GHz)
  • L3 Cache 30 MB + L2 Cache 14 MB
  • Unlocked (unlocked multiplier for overclocking)
  • IGP : Intel UHD Graphics 770
  • Memory controller: DDR4 / DDR5
  • PCI-E 5.0 compatible
  • TDP: 125W
  • Max. TDP (Turbo Power): 241W


Intel's new high-performance hybrid architecture integrates two core families into one processor for a smoother gaming experience. Intel Thread Director prioritizes and manages workloads by determining which core is best suited for each task. Performance cores are designed for unique, low-thread count workloads, enhancing activities such as video gaming or productivity tasks. Efficiency cores are optimised for multi-threading by reducing interruptions from secondary tasks.


With high frequencies, achieve high performance in games. Confidently take on your opponents or explore new worlds with a revolutionary processor architecture that focuses on what matters. Intel 12th generation processors are simply designed for the next generation of gaming.I9 12900K

Intels 12th generation CPUs mark a shift in the companys approach to processor design. It describes Alder Lake as a hybrid architecture with Alder new chips featuring a combination of P-cores and E-cores rather than the standard homogenous core layout were accustomed to with previous generations.

Short for performance cores, are designed for tasks such as gaming and productivity workloads and are the closest thing to the standard core model.

Short for efficient cores, handle background tasks while running at a lower clock speed with lower power consumption.

The new chips will be the first to support DDR5 RAM and PCIe 5 which should make them perfect partners for the best gaming RAM and best SSDs of the future.

12th Gen Intel® Core i9-12900K unlocked desktop processor.
Featuring Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 and PCIe Gen 5.0 & 4.0 support, DDR5 and DDR4 support, unlocked 12th Gen Intel® Core desktop processors are optimized for enthusiast gamers and serious creators and help deliver high performance overclocking for an added boost.
Thermal solution NOT included in the box.
Compatible with 600 series chipset based motherboards.i9 12900K

i9 12900k Intel Core i9-12900K (3.2 GHz / 5.2 GHz) 16-Core Processor (8 Performance-Cores + 8 Efficient-Cores) Price List

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